The neighbors of zero French Roulette

Methods French Roulette

The neighbors of zero, seventeen numbers include namely: zero same seven numbers to the right and nine numbers to his left.

They occupy an entire sector of the rotating drum which is about half of the drum.

Many players use this technique of play and cover with certain combinations all the neighbors of zero.

To cover them need to focus the following combinations: the triplet 0-2-3, horses 4-7, 12-15, 18-21, 19-22 and 32-35 and 25-29 square.

Method Hot Wave game strategy Roulette

Strategy WaveIl Hot Hot Wave is a simple method of applied play roulette strategy that exploits the simple combinations.

The basic steps to implement the strategy Hot Wave online roulette:

First point, the player wins the simple chance and lose both dozens, partially closes the game by accumulating the overdraft.

Second point, the player loses the simple chance and win the new online casino no deposit bonus dozens, you try the paroli to dozens. If the paroli succeeds, it closes the game winning or being equal ‘. If the paroli lost, partially he leaves the game by accumulating the overdraft.

The player wins the simple chance and win dozens, closing the game +1 if there is found to be retrieved otherwise attempts Paroli.

The player loses the simple chance and lose both dozens, immediately leaves the game by accumulating the overdraft.

Divide sembre the numbers in blocks of 12, and you will have three distinct phases, a ‘extraction (12 numbers) equal to the last sortie.

A ‘dozen other intermediate numbers equal to the penultimate extraction.

Finally you will have a tera dozen numbers that will be ‘in lags behind the other two.

And ‘crucial divide the roulette numbers to 12, excluding the zero or double zero in the case of American Roulette.

Focusing on orphans or Series Devil Roulette

Orfanelli to RouletteGli orfanelli Roulette, so called because they are the ones that remain outside the range of 5:00 to 8:00 and from close to zero, this method is also known under the name of the devil’s series and includes eight numbers covering two small opposite sectors, 1 to 9 and from 6 to 17.

To cover must bet the horses 6-9, 14-17 and 31-14 and full 1 and 20.

Read and Roulette phenomena

Phenomena to the case of the game also RouletteLe supreme laws govern the phenomena of gambling such as, for example, the formation phenomena of the figures in the roulette game, more commonly known as the law of the figures.

The real gambler is a real investigator. He will study and analyze all laws trying to perfect a method in his favor, trying to circumvent or displace the roulette.

But no mistake can do it simply. The roulette wheel is not only a car but it is also a beast that, by its very nature, revolts against the will of the tamer.

The player is able to tame it but not to enslave passively to his will.

The many methods and strategies are used to not only have a catastrophic approach to the green table.

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